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Darkwood banjos



Dark Moon was created in 2011.  It is a custom made left-handed 5 string open back banjo in very good used condition.  The neck was originally crafted by R J Aylward and has been reshaped and modified to suit the requirements of the custom build.  It is straight and very stable and has quite a low action on the strings.  There is some slight wear on the lower frets.


It has a brass Rickard Tuba-phone tone ring fitted to a two-ply maple rim with solid ebony and brass Darkwood spoke wheel and chamber connector rod connecting the neck to the rim.  The wide brass footprints give an exceptionally solid connection to the rim top and bottom so that the tone-wood and brass alone connect the neck to the rim, thus optimising the sound quality.


The Dark Moon is a left-handed banjo hand crafted by Darkwood banjos.  These are rare and difficult to get hold of unless custom made, so this is a great opportunity for left-handers to own and play this beautiful instrument. 

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