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This is a page where some of the workshop stuff is shown.

What is being built and new ideas


6 banjos...02.jpg

Completed rim fitted with Darkwood made brass tone ring and shoes. The ebonising gives the walnut that dark colour,  at first glance it looks black but look closer and it has a very dark rich chocolatey brown tone

One of Darkwood's block rims in the process of being turned.

Made from black walnut and topped with Pau ferro where the rolled brass tone ring will sit.

After it has been turned to the correct thickness and sanded it will be ebonised to give a dark rich colour 

H-DW-Brass tone ring fitted on pau ferro & black walnut ebonized rim 03w.jpg
Darkwood-walnut and Pau ferro block built banjo rim
Darkwood-Hand crafted banjos

Two necks close to completion: Hand carved, fretted and scooped. The lower one is black walnut and the top one is sycamore. Both are ready for final finishing 

Brass Darkwood logo inlay on the scoop  

Darkwood-Hand crafted banjos
Darkwood-2 banjo necks
Darkwood-Hand crafted banjos
Darkwood-carved sycomore banjo neck with brass heal cap
Darkwood-Banjo neck with brass heal cap

This sycamore was chosen for the neck because it has a beautiful open grain that is slightly spalted, It will have a very characterful look with the final finish

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